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Speed Up School and SAVE MONEY by Testing Out!

Taking a CLEP or DANTES test is how you save time and money on school. Wouldn't it be nice to skip an extra class here or there and still get credit? When you take a CLEP or DANTES test, you are getting college credit for passing a test. This means that you can earn college credit for things that you already know. CLEP and DANTES programs are accredited and accepted at 1000s of colleges and universities world wide. Our comprehensive list of CLEP and DANTES test study guides will help you select the perfect test based on your background. Our test materials are guaranteed - if you don't pass your CLEP or DANTES test using our materials, we will refund your money. It's just that easy. Simply choose the test you are interested in, verify that you are eligible to take that test with your counselor, study and ACE IT!!! Is this your first time hearing about CLEP and DANTES tests? If so, visit our new student center to find out more, ask questions and pick your first test.

CLEP Test Study Guides
DANTES Test Study Guides

American Government CLEP Test
American Literature CLEP Test
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP Test
Biology CLEP Test
Calculus CLEP Test
Chemistry CLEP Test
College Algebra CLEP Test
College Mathematics CLEP Test

Educational Psychology CLEP Test
English Composition CLEP Test
English Literature CLEP Test

Financial Accounting CLEP Test
French CLEP Test
Freshman College Composition CLEP Test
German CLEP Test
Humanities CLEP Test
Human Growth & Development CLEP Test
Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP Test
Introductory Business Law CLEP Test
Introductory Psychology CLEP Test
Introductory Sociology CLEP Test

Natural Sciences CLEP Test
Precalculus CLEP Test

Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP Test
Principles of Marketing CLEP Test
Principles of Management CLEP Test

Principles of Microeconomics CLEP Test
Spanish CLEP Test
Social Sciences and History CLEP Test
United States History I CLEP Test
United States History II CLEP Test
Western Civilization I CLEP Test
Western Civilization II CLEP Test

Civil War and Reconstruction DANTES Test
Criminal Justice DANTES Test
Drug & Alcohol Abuse DANTES Test

Ethics in America DANTES Test
Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet Earth DANTES Test
Fundamentals of College Algebra DANTES Test
Here's to Your Health DANTES Test
Human Resource Management DANTES Test
Introduction to Business DANTES Test
Introduction to Computing DANTES Test

Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES Test
Introduction to Public Speaking DANTES Test
Introduction to World Religions DANTES Test

Lifespan Developmental Psychology DANTES Test
Management Information Systems DANTES Test
Money and Banking DANTES Test
Organizational Behavior DANTES Test
Personal Finance DANTES Test
Principles of Financial Accounting DANTES Test

Principles of Physical Geology DANTES Test
Principles of Physical Sciences I DANTES Test

Principles of Statistics DANTES Test
Principles of Supervision DANTES Test
Technical Writing DANTES Test


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