Business CLEP tests contain information that you already know. In the working world, you've dealt with computers, software, hardware, etc. You also know some business law because of rules and policies in the workplace as well as what you see on television. You are marketed to every day, several times a day and sometimes several times an hour. All of these real life activities position you to already have some knowledge in these testing areas. Be prepared to learn new information to build on what you already know. Management and Marketing are very straight forward tests with vocabulary and concepts to study. Financial Accounting is math and memorization. Information systems involves some complex computer components and how they work together. All in all, these are excellent tests for students who are already in the workforce, or have been for some time.

Business CLEP Tests
Financial Accounting CLEP Test Credits: 3 Difficulty: 4
Introduction to Business Law CLEP Test Credits: 3 Difficulty: 3
Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP Test Credits: 3 Difficulty: 3
Principles of Management CLEP Test Credits: 3 Difficulty: 2
Principles of Marketing CLEP Test Credits: 3 Difficulty: 2

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