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Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP TEST

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP Test

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Test covers the material that is taught in a two-semester class at the 101 college level. This test is the easiest CLEP test that you can take. The Analyzing and Interpreting CLEP test doesn't require you to know authors, works or time periods before the test. There is no memorization of plot lines and characters. What you do need to know is how to analyze literature and poetry. This means that you need to be able to read and answer questions about a specific paragraph. The test will give you a short piece from British or American Literature. You will then answer a question about the paragraph. It really is that easy...if you know what to analyze which you will learn in the study guide.

You will need to answer 80 questions in 90 minutes. There is no penalty for guessing on the test and there are some pretest questions included that are not scored.

Some schools may require you to take an essay with this test.

Credits: 3-6

Number of Questions: 80

Time to complete the test: 90 min

Rank of Difficulty: 2

ISBN: 9781614330936

This is optional so you will need to check with your school to see if it is required. If you do take the essay, you will write it by hand, via paper and pencil. It will be graded by a professor at your college or university.

You will need to know how to:

  • Read and understand poetry, prose and drama
  • Analyze elements such as style, tone and imagery
  • Recognize metaphors, similes and other literary devices
  • Understand literary terms

You will benefit if you consider taking this test and have an interest in literature. Any previous experience reading and interpreting fiction or poetry will be valuable to you for this test. You are not required to know the background of the author or the time period. However, if you love to read, you will find that this is absolutely the best test for you to take.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Test ...................................$55.00 $34.97

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Your material has helped me to pass two exams [Analyzing and Interpreting Literature & World Religions] thus far!!! -Toby S. 6/5/08

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Thanks again. -Katy F. 4/20/07

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