Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES TEST

Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES Test

The Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES Test covers the material that is taught in a one-semester class at the 101 college level.

This test covers the major areas of law enforcement including the history of law enforcement, the criminal justice system, police systems and U.S. case law. This is a great complimentary test to Criminal Justice. Because there is some overlap between this test and Criminal Justice, we recommend that you if you need the credit, take both as you will save on study time.

There is no penalty for guessing on the test and there are some pretest questions included that are not scored, so make sure you answer each and every question.

Credits: 3 - Lower Division

Number of Questions: 100

Recommended Passing Score: 45

Time to complete the test: 90 min

Rank of Difficulty: 3

ISBN: 9781614331438

Information you will need to know for the Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES test includes:

  • history of law enforcement
  • history of the criminal justice system
  • the role of police, courts and corrections
  • how crime is measured
  • FBI, CIA and other organizations
  • police issues
  • police problems
  • women in policing
  • important U.S. case law

The sections of the Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES test are broken down as follows:

12% History of police
20% Criminal Justice system
20% Police systems/groups
35% Organization and management of police
13% U.S. groundbreaking case law

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I was successful with Intro. to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. -Bruce D. 1/6/10

I passed Introduction to Law Enforcement last night. - Christy C.11/18/09

I have purchased 2 books in the last few months, Analyzing & Interpreting Literature and Introduction to Law Enforcement, and used the material to successfully pass each one of the tests. -Matthew B.

I passed. Thx. -Oveta F. 11/24/08

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you that I passed my final CLEP exam last Monday which gives me all of the credits I need to graduate. I have taken 30 credits worth of CLEP exams and I’ve passed them all by using your study guides. I actually purchased one of your study guides and failed my first test. I didn’t fail because of your guide though, I failed because I didn’t manage my time effectively and I ran short. I looked at your study guide after failing though, and a lot of the information on your study guide was very relevant to what was on the test. So, I tried again with a different test and a different study guide of yours. I passed. This pattern continues for 30 credits. I graduate on June 9th thanks to you guys, so I wanted to say thank you. The guides were worth every penny. Thanks, -John S 5/21/07

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