Study Tips

One of the most common questions that we get each and every day is "How much do I really need to study to pass the test?"

This is a tough one as each student is different, learns at a different pace, reads at a different speed, retains a different amount of information. Some students can read our study guide just once or twice and pass the test. Some study for months. Generally a student should study about two to three weeks in order to be able to pass a test.

The best way to test yourself to see if you are ready is a simple way you can do at home - and IT'S FREE! Have a family member flip to any part of the study guide and ask you a question. For example, if they flip in the Biology study guide to the page on Mitosis and you can't tell them what it is, how it works, or why it's important, then you aren't ready. This is a great way to measure how prepared you really are for the test.

Another tip for studying includes reviewing the information that you have already learned or read the day before so it stays fresh in your head. Generally, studying for over a month for a CLEP or DANTES test doesn't work. If you aren't putting in the time you need to learn the material, you will probably forget it before you take the test.


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